Taking Care & Storing your Handbag

As with any handbag, we all want to keep them in prestige condition. Here are a few tips I have to share when storing your 6×6 geometrical handbag. First and foremost, when not in use always keep it in the dust bag (the white cloth bag it came in). This is not only to prevent it from getting scratched or dusty, but also when you store it, to make sure nothing gets caught on the bag. When storing your handbag, especially if it’s in a drawer, or plastic container, it is best to keep it on the very top. This is to prevent any weight from pressing down on the handles which would result in bending them overtime. You can also choose to hang your handbag when you’re not using it.

When using your handbag, try¬†not to overfill your purse with multiple heavy items. I’m talking about full water bottles, iPads, umbrellas, magazines, etc all at once. The heavier your handbag is, the more stress you put on the handles and the purse itself.

While the PU material does not absorb water, in the case you accidentally spill something onto your handbag, take a lightly damp cloth (if you spill something other than water) and wipe over the handbag gently. Then take a dry cloth and gently wipe again. Voila! No sticky purse.

I hope you utilize these tips to help keep your handbag looking brand new!